Gabor On Drums


Electro (2024)

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The music album 42 is the acoustic double to my book „42 (by Gabor Pox)
The album contains only one song with the length of 42 minutes…


42 - Without Hitchhiking Through the Universe

In his captivating book „42“, the renowned computer scientist and AI expert Gabor Pox takes readers back to an alternative past of humanity. With a unique approach, the book attempts to solve the well-known riddle: What is the question if the answer is „42“? Or if the answer is „the universe“? In doing so, it not only searches for the right questions, but also for other fascinating answers. The two protagonists, Brian and Marvin, separated by light years and billions of earth years, find not only the answers but also the way to each other through an intensive search for the riddles of the universe. An exciting journey that comes full circle. „42“ is therefore not only a pleasure for science fiction lovers, but also reveals new insights into the secrets of the world and the universe.